Warranty Information

Thank you for contacting Toys Inquiry.  We are here to provide the fastest way to revolve your questions or issues for the products you purchased.
Our focus and priority is to provide replacements claimed under Manufacturer’s standard warranty periods*.  The warranty is only valid and offered to the original purchaser, and the product is purchased directly from an authorized retailer or wholesaler**.

We are happy to replace your defective item which is covered under Manufacturer’s warranty as long as below conditions are met.  Manufacturer will determine whether an item is defective or not upon review.  Product will be replaced only if determined to be defective in material or workmanship***.  If you are able to meet the below requirements, please fill out the Inquiry Form from the Contact Us page to get started and service is on its way!

  • Copy of the original proof of purchase can be provided
  • Item is under coverage and purchased within the Manufacturer’s warranty period
  • If assembly is required, product must have been properly set up according to instruction manual.  Improper set up or improper use or abusive use of the product will not be eligible for replacement
  • No modification or repair of the product has been made
  • All parts of the product must be kept until the claim is resolved

Please note if the exact item is not available for replacement, Manufacturer will offer a comparable item of equal value for replacement.

We are a Customer Service and Replacement Process Centre; no monetary refund will be made.  A refund must be requested at the retailer or wholesaler level where your purchase was made and will be given at the retailer or wholesaler’s discretion.

In order to get expedited services, please submit your inquiry using our Inquiry Form via the website.

We would like to ask for your patience during the peak season in the Summer months.  Please allow us 5-7 business days in order to get responds to your inquiry during these months.  We apologize in advance. 

*Not all products come with a warranty. Various products would have different warranty period coverages from date of purchase. Depending on the product, it would either come with NO warranty coverage, a 30-day, a 45-day or a 60-day warranty period from date of purchase.

**Please note the warranty does not cover or extend to close-out, second quality, or resold products (i.e. garage sales, online auctions, or online retailers not purchasing directly from Manufacturer).  Also, the warranty does not extend to items purchased from seasonal stores where “all sales final” is usually the purchase agreement.  If you have any concerns or issues, you would have to address directly with these types of retailers/sellers. 

***Normal wear and tear, cosmetic issue or any other causes not due to defective materials or workmanship will not be covered.



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