Repairs and Maintenance
  • Q: Do you repair Constant Air Slides or Land Bouncers?
    • A: No, we do not repair Constant Air Slides or Land Bouncers. You may contact your local upholstery shop or pool repair shop. They may be able to repair the item for you.

  • Q: My Constant Air Slide is not inflating, what could be causing this?
    • A: Check under and around the item for punctures, holes, tears, sharp objects, and etc; that may have damaged the item or is causing it not to inflate properly. Please check along the seams as one of the seams may have torn. Also check the air release sleeve along with the blower sleeve to make sure they are tied off tightly so that no air is being released.

      If you have checked the above and not able to find any visible leakage of air, it is possible that the inner liner of your item has become damaged.  You may contact your local upholstery shop to see if they are able to repair the item or possibly look at a local retail outlet for a water proof sealant.

      NOTE: For certain types of inflatable items such as Constant Air Slides or Land Bouncers, air will escape from the seam and material.  This is by design to release air pressure and is not a defective issue.

  • Q: My Constant Air Slide is not holding enough air for the kids to play on and I cannot find any damage, what could be the problem?
    • A: Please refer to the above question and answer.

  • Q: The stitching on my Constant Air Slide is coming undone and I’m out of warranty, what can I do to fix it?
    • A: The best way to repair a seam yourself is to use an upholstery needle and fishing line to re-stitch the seam. You may also apply a water proof sealant over the area after you have re-stitched it as this will re-enforce the hold. You may also contact your local upholstery shop for repair.

  • Q: There's a hole in the middle of the Constant Air Slide, is there any way that I can repair the damage myself?
    • A: You may use the Repair Patch that is included with the product to repair the damaged area.  Before applying the Repair Patch, please clean and dry the area completely and thoroughly, as well as deflating your item.  Simply peel the back off, apply the sticky backing side to the damaged area, press the Repair Patch down and allow 30 minutes of setting time before re-inflating.

  • Q: The blower is not working, what do I need to do?
    • A: First, make sure the blower is grounded. Second, push the “reset” button located on the GFCI receptacle. Third, press “l” to switch the blower on. Fourth, push the “test” button located on the GFCI receptacle and the blower should turn off. Fifth, push the “reset” button again and the blower should go on again. The indicator on the GFCI receptacle will be red whenever the reset button is pressed.
      If the blower remains “on” when the test button is pushed, the blower or the GFCI is not working properly. You will need to order a new blower or you may call a qualified, certified electrician who can assess the situation.

  • Q: My slide is dry rotted, what can I do to fix it or is it covered by the warranty?
    • A: Most of the time, dry rot occurs when the item has not been properly dried or stored after use. If the item is left out in the sun while deflated for long periods of time or without being dried thoroughly, then it may cause the item to deteriorate. This kind of damage is not covered by the warranty as it is not a defect.

  • Q: There is excessive water on the inside of the Constant Air Slide and it is going through the air sleeve towards the blower, is there any problem with my slide?
    • A: With the way the slides are built, there will always be some water that gets inside the structure via the seams.  The best way to get the water out of the slide is to drain the pool area.  Then open one of the air release sleeves and drain out the excess water. After that, you may re-inflate the slide, towel dry the outside, and hook up the blower and let it run without water until the product is thoroughly dry.

      Another recommendation is to use a WET vacuum and vacuum the excess water from the air sock, where the blower normally would attach.  Then hook it up to the blower and allow it to run without water until the product is thoroughly dry.

  • Q: What is the proper way to store my slide after each use?
    • A:
      Step 1: Make sure all children are off the slide before unplugging and turning off the blower.
      Step 2: Removing all detachable parts such as the hosing, water bags, the blower, etc.
      Step 3: Drain all the water in the pool area and within the slide.  Since water could still be inside the inner tube, you may also need to drain the excess water out from one of the air release sleeves. 
      Step 4: Reattach the blower to the slide and let it run for sometime. You will be able to tell when the item is dry as the seams will not be bubbling.  The inner liner needs to be completely dry before storage.
      Step 5: Use a clean towel to dry the walls, pool bottom, and the seams.
      Step 6: Always allow the slide to dry completely, which may take up to 48 hours, before rolling it up.
      Step 7: After making sure that the slide is completely dry, fold it neatly and put in the storage bag that is provided.
      Step 8: During Winter, it is highly suggested to store the item in a controlled climate enclosed environment.  Excessive cold can cause the item to become brittle and material to crack. Also do not store in a room that has excess moisture, as this could cause the item to dry rot which would most likely make the item not usable.

  • Q: How to clean the slide?
    • A: It is recommended to use soap and water, vinegar or maybe some baking soda.

  • Q: I can hear a lot of air coming out of the seams, is my slide defective?
    • A: The blower continuously feeding air into the slide and in order to keep it from overly inflated, some air must be released. This in return will sometime cause the item to make a hissing sound. This is normal and does not affect the safety and stability of the item.






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